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Bible Study

Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m., in Friendship Hall

The Bible study is suspended during the holidays and will resume after January 1, 2024 with a new study.

For more information, contact the Church Office.


Small Group Ministry

The Small Group Study will not be active
during the holiday, and will begin after the first of the new year.


For more information, contact Lillestolens, Schuesslers, or the Church Office.

Crafting Ministry

Card Making, Quilters, & Knitters

Thursdays, at 10:00 a.m. in Friendship Hall

Join us as we gather to make special cards for outreach ministry in the church and community. Special cards are made for birthdays, anniversaries, and many other special holidays. It is a fun project and wonderful ministry these ladies work on each month. We also use these cards as a part of our visitor bags.

We also welcome knitters and quilters to join in this fellowship. This is another great way to get our church name out in the community and as we work  together on projects for our church outreach. 


For more information, contact the church office.

Fellowship Ministries

 Men's Fellowship 

 Women's Fellowship 

Connect with like-minded women and men through the fellowship opportunities at So+L.


Looking To Volunteer?

Shepherd of the Lake supports the needs of the world through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

As a Christian Community in East Tennessee we also support those in need by serving our congregation and community.

Checkout how we serve and explore volunteer opportunities.

So+L Calendar

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